Sunday, 21 June 2009

Weekly vs Monthlys

The battle between the fashion weekly and monthly fashion bibles is ever present, and the winner still undisclosed. However it must be noted that we are not comparing like with like. And I'm sure the orginals such as Vogue, Elle, and Harpers Bazaar are fraught with the comparison.
It has to be said that weeklys are doing a good job reaching sales. Not only this but some fashion weeklys (such as Grazia) are achieving standards of 'glossiness' that used to only be met by prestigious monthly or quartelys. Narrowing the gap between the two, making profit, and most significantly; changing the fashion followers' attitudes towards buying weeklys.

What I have noticed myself is that magazines such as Look manage to emulate photo shoots that could easily be mistaken for high profile magazine shoots, the locations can range from a derelict car wash to an exotic sunny spot in spain.

Monthlys are a staple buy. Peppered with desinger adverts, delivering the freshest designer collections off the catwalk, and insight for 'us commoners' into the top of the fashion pinnacle.

Weeklys - transient they may be, the phonomenon is still growing and the standards are only rising. Celebrity style, runway news, and fashion photoshoots, all for half the price of a monthly.

Who wins?

Hmmmmm. It's a draw, because I know I'll be buying both!


  1. babe i love reading ur writing, u shud be a writer! xxxx

  2. Ahhh thank you so much lol i was just like yay someone commented! :) xxxx